Monday, October 1, 2012

The Long Island Medium Starts Season 6 Sunday January 3, 2016 @ 9/8 C

How do I get a appointment with Theresa Caputo?  How do I get on a waiting list for a reading with Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium?

You have to fill out the contact information on Theresa's official website to get on the list for a reading. It will ask for your name, email, phone number, what city and state you live in, and if you want a group or private reading.

How to join Theresa Caputo's fan club? Is Long Island Medium Real? How do I contact Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo? How long is the waiting list to get a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo?

You can fill out a request on Theresa's official website for a private or group reading. They will ask you for your name, email address, phone number, city and state that you live in.

You may be contacted in the future to make a short video of yourself to send in if you are interested in being on the show. I did get that email about 6 months after I sent in my request for a reading. The email explained in detail what they needed me to do in order to be considered to be on Long Island Medium.  I did not however, come up on the list for a private reading

You can also write Theresa with your story at the address listed below.

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Can I write Theresa Caputo? What is the contact address for Theresa Caputo?

If you want to write Theresa and share your story, her contact address is: Theresa Caputo, PO Box 490, Hicksville, NY 11802


How long is the waiting list to get a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo?

Theresa's waiting list was 2 years before her show even took off on TV! Everyone that requests a reading with Theresa is being put on a waiting list.  Reports suggest there is an insanely long waiting list due to the popularity of the show. The "waiting list" is presumably a "wait" before you get on the long "waiting list". Not sure how long the list at this time. I have heard rumors that her waiting list could be 10 years long!  I suggest getting on her waiting list anyway as soon as possible.  I would not expect to hear anything for a long while. Also, Theresa is currently on tour in 2014 which I would imagine would delay her private readings even further.

If you have a story you want to share with Theresa and her producers, I highly suggest you send that in as soon as possible. I would bank that anyone with an interesting story worthy of TV would get more attention as apposed to just a random person looking for a reading.

How to I get a psychic reading by telephone? Can I get a telephone psychic reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo? Can I call Theresa Caputo?
I have been told that once you get on the waiting list you are given the choice of telephone, private or group reading once contacted. Not sure how long it will be before someone contacts you.

Can I get a psychic reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo online?

There is no information that indicates that Theresa does online readings at this time.

How do I join Theresa's fan club?

You can sign up for $19.99 a year on Theresa's official website


What is the cost of a reading with Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo? How much is a psychic reading with Theresa Caputo?

It is hard to say for sure. Theresa Caputo's website does not report the official cost. There are unofficial reports however that do suggest a 30 minute session can cost around $500 if held locally. If she needs to travel I'm sure you can expect to be charged more. If you or anyone you know has had a reading with Theresa and would like to share please feel free to leave your comments below! Thank you :-)

Have you been contacted by the shows producers? Have you had a reading with Theresa? 

We would love to hear from you! Please share your story!

Can I get a reading at one of Theresa's live shows?

Yes it is possible! Obviously she can't read every nor can she control who she is going to read. I recently went to one of her live shows and she was doing readings in the audience. It was an amazing show! Theresa looked absolutely gorgeous in person and was very funny as always. Her husband Larry was standing off to the side (approx 10 feet away from me ) watching the show as well!


  1. I am a medium myself ( & it's my understanding that it's virtually impossible to get a reading with Theresa Caputo..I have many clients who found me while looking for her & they have reviews on my website. They are completely satisfied :) I think she's great but I know people who are hurting can't wait 10 years to see her.

    1. My mate wife. Pasted and 5 months later she lost her mother she's so lost. Would love for her to have a reading can u plz help

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  2. Theresa,
    This is the most unbelievable situation that one family can endure. I have never seen a reading for this type of situation. Back 3 years ago I lost my oldest daughter, Nicole, To a drug overdose on 12/22/2010. She left behind 2 young children. Kaitlin and Dominick. Then not even two month's later my brother in law was murdered on the 02/22/2011. If that wasn't enough the father of my daughter Nicole's two children had died 3/19/2011 of a drug overdose. Than the final blow was my other daughter Carrie died in 2012 of a drug over dose. That left me with my son, Nicholas. We watch your show faithfully and can only dream of a reading from you. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of them. I go to bed thinking of them and I wake up thinking of them. We have asked our self's, why and what could we have done. My son Nicholas and I have not been able to except the loss of Nicole and Carrie and cannot move on in our life's. All we want is closer for our self's and for Nicole's children, Kaitlin and Dominick. I would do anything for a reading from you.

    1. Don't tell her your life story duh! Let her TELL YOU!

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    1. May I ask around how much she charge

    2. May I ask around how much she charge

  6. Hello Theresa I would love to be put on you're waiting for
    a reading . Thank you

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  8. Hey Hi, Theresa I really love to know about you and I had seen some of your live shows and its really awesome. Thank you so much.Regards John Ryan visit my official site

  9. I would really love to have a reading with you it is a deepest wish

  10. Hi Theresa!! I'm in a desperate need to see you and have a reading with you. Please call me at (586)329-8051. I'm very desperate to hear a message from my mom that's being bothering me for so long. I can't die in peace without her telling me what I wonna hear?? Please Theresa help me asap

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  13. Hi Teresa I've requested a reading with you. I've had so much tooken now I'm lost and really don't know which way to turn.I believe you could bring me out of this truely dark lonely place I've come to know as my life.God Bless You! . I believe you will be in my area Houston APRIL I SO PRAY THAT WE COULD GET A GROUP reading with you